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Neil Bannon – Retail Sales

As per the Retail Sales figures released by the CSO and our own experience across our retail park portfolio DIY & Household goods sales have been the stand out performer of the Retail sector since March. Retail Parks continue to perform well with rolling restrictions on other retail outlets redirecting spend into home improvements. Interestingly […]


Owners of vacant properties beware!

Since the introduction of the Local Government Reform Act 2014, Local Authorities have been given autonomy to vary the level of rates relief granted to owners of vacant properties. As a result, the level of refunds on commercial rates available to Landlords of vacant properties varies significantly between Local Authorities. In Dublin City Council for […]

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How much do our Local Authorities rely upon retail rates?

Businesses across Ireland contribute approximately €1.5 billion in commercial rates to Local Authorities across the country each year. This is a critical source of income for each of the 31 Local Authorities in the State and typically accounts for between 16% and 53% of their revenue stream with the national average standing at 33%. According […]


Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS) 2018

The Central Statistics Office has today issued results from the Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS) for 2018 and comparable data for 2013, the previous year this survey was run. Commenting on the report, Stephen Lee, Statistician, said: “The HFCS is the only household survey that collects combined information on asset, income and debt levels […]

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Retail Sales volume increased by 3.6% in December 2019

The volume of retail sales increased by 3.6% in December when compared to November on a seasonally adjusted basis and increased by 5.8% on an annual basis. Note: ‘Black Friday’ is included in the December reporting period for the RSI, which covers the 5 weeks 24/11/2019 – 28/12/2019. In 2018 ‘Black Friday’ was covered in […]


Davy upgrades GDP growth forecast for 2020 to 5.5%

Stockbrokers Davy have revised upwards their GDP growth forecast for 2020 to 5.5% from 4.1% previously. Davy said the upgrade came on the back of strong foreign direct investment, expansion in the multinational sector and an exceptional export performance. The new forecasts puts Davy well above official projections including the Central Bank’s estimate of 4.3% […]

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Economic growth set to continue in 2020 but at a reduced rate

The Irish economy looks set to register strong growth again in 2019 with GDP likely to increase by almost 6 per cent in the current year. While certain multi-national related transactions are distorting the headline figures, the large increase in taxation receipts and the continued strong performance of the Irish labour market means the underlying […]

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Top 10 commercial property megadeals in 2019

When the total volume of investment in Ireland’s commercial property market hit a record €4.6 billion in 2014, any expectations of that figure being surpassed anytime soon were few and far between. Just five years on, however, the consensus within the industry is that a new benchmark of around €5 billion will be set. While […]

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Monthly unemployment rate remains unchanged from October 2019

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for November 2019 was 4.8%, remaining unchanged from October 2019 and down from 5.6% in November 2018. The seasonally adjusted number of persons unemployed was 117,800 in November 2019, compared to 117,700 in October 2019. When compared to November 2018, there was an annual decrease of 17,600 in the seasonally […]

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Employment increases by 2.4% in year to Q3 2019

There was an annual increase in employment of 2.4% or 53,700 in the year to the third quarter of 2019, bringing total employment to 2,326,900. This compares with an annual increase of 2.0% or 45,000 in employment in the previous quarter and an increase of 3.0% or 66,700 in the year to Q3 2018. CSO […]