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Housing Supply Capacity in Dublin’s Urban Settlements 2014-18

A report, which has been commissioned by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI), explores the capacity of lands zoned for residential development within the Dublin Region to deliver the requisite housing units for the projected population of the Dublin Region between 2014-2018.


SCSI calls for extension of Home Renovation Scheme to Commercial

The Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (SCSI) has called for an extension of Home Renovation Scheme (HRI) to Commercial Properties following a survey which was carried out.

The survey also shows a 5th of commercial property owners applied for a rent reduction in the last year, of those that applied 42% achieved a reduction of up to 10%.

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KPMG prepares fresh sales process for IBRC’s unsold projects

KPMG has repackaged all €2.4bn unsold IBRC non-performing loans (NPL) in three separate portfolios, dubbed projects Amber, Quartz and Pearl, in a set of fresh blind auction processes which are targeted for staggered closures before the year end.

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Davy H1 Irish Real Estate Report

During the first half of the year the investment in Ireland’s commercial real estate (CRE) market has totalled €1.8bn year-to-date, Dublin’s office market accounted for 70% of all capital invested in Ireland in H1 2014 and the changing risk premium for Dublin offices has enticed investor groups into the market for the first time, notably UK open-ended fund Knight Frank Investment Managers.