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Ireland’s Quarterly IIP and External Debt 2014

The Quarterly report released from the Central Statistics Office today show Ireland’s quarterly international investment position (IIP) an overall stocks of foreign financial assets of €3,374.7bn – an increase of €250bn on the end-June 2014 level, while the corresponding stocks of foreign financial liabilities increased by €248.5bn to €3,551.2bn over the quarter. Irish residents had an overall net foreign liability of €177bn at end-September 2014, a decrease of €1bn on the net foreign liability level at end-June 2014

Within the commercial financial sector (i.e. MFI and OFI), IFSC enterprises accounted for a very high proportion of the sector’s overall foreign assets and liabilities. IFSC assets abroad increased by €205.4bn to €2,689.2bn at end-September 2014, or 95% of the sector’s foreign assets; IFSC liabilities at €2,725bn, an increase of €208.1bn, represented 97% of the commercial financial sector aggregate liability (and 77% of Ireland’s total foreign liabilities). IFSC enterprises showed a net liability position of €35.8bn.

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