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KPMG prepares fresh sales process for IBRC’s unsold projects

KPMG has repackaged all €2.4bn unsold IBRC non-performing loans (NPL) in three separate portfolios, dubbed projects Amber, Quartz and Pearl, in a set of fresh blind auction processes which are targeted for staggered closures before the year end.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has been assigned to advise KPMG, the joint special liquidator of IBRC, on the re-attempted sale of the loans which failed to meet the minimum price threshold as set by Ireland’s Minster of Finance, Michael Noonan in May last year.

The re-packaged NPLs are now comprised as follows:
– The €675m Project Amber, comprised of Irish corporate and commercial property loans
– The €1.1bn Project Quartz, comprised of commercial property loans
– The €655m Project Pearl, comprised of predominantly Irish residential mortgages.

Project Amber is the first of the three re-issued NPLs to be marketed, with the sales process having started last week, according to the Irish Independent. The sales process for Projects Quartz and Pearl are expected to begin next month.

A successful sale of projects Amber, Quartz and Pearl would facilitate the completion of IBRC’s accelerated wind-up, as decreed by Ireland’s parliament in early February 2013 after emergency overnight legislation was passed in the Dáil, Ireland’s parliament, and KPMG’s Wallace and Richardson replaced IBRC’s Board.

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