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Neil Bannon – Retail Recovery

On the face of it the recovery in the retail sector is astounding. Excluding Cars the value of retail sales in Ireland in July was 5.9% higher than in July 2019. These are boom type numbers. Dig deeper and the continued polarisation of the Retail sector’s recovery is laid bare.

Bars, Books, Fuel & Department stores (Debenhams closure might be a large part of this) are still way down on last year meaning that the increase in sales in other sectors is stratospheric. Electrical up 26.5%, Furniture & Hardware up 20%, Food & Beverage up 16% and this is in comparison to 2019 not the lock down period. Bodes very well for Retail Parks.

Also positive to see 3.6% annual growth in the value of Clothing & Footwear. A note of caution, the natural rhythm of the retail sector has been greatly disrupted by COVID & lockdowns so we will be monitoring how sales in different sub-sectors balance out over the months ahead.