NTMA offers outright buyback terms for Treasury Bond 2016

The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) will, today, offer outright buyback terms for the 4.6% Treasury Bond 2016 and will also offer switch terms from the 4.6% Treasury Bond 2016 into the 3.9% Treasury Bond 2023. Those opting to swap the 2016 bonds will be offered 2023 bonds at a price of 114.177, a 2.095% yield. The debt agency has said the country is already fully funded for 2014 and has raised over 70% of the €8 billion earmarked to fully pre-fund for 2015.

A sale of 10-year paper in March was Ireland’s first bond auction since it was locked out of the market in September 2010 and it has continued to raise funds at record low yields this year. Next week’s bond auction, which will be held on Thursday, will be the only one held between now and the end of September.

Information sourced from www.ntma.ie