NTMA offers outright buyback terms for Treasury Bond 2016

The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) will, today, offer outright buyback terms for the 4.6% Treasury Bond 2016 and will also offer switch terms from the 4.6% Treasury Bond 2016 into the 3.9% Treasury Bond 2023. Those opting to swap the 2016 bonds will be offered 2023 bonds at a price of 114.177, a 2.095% yield. The debt agency has said the country is already fully funded for 2014 and has raised over 70% of the €8 billion earmarked to fully pre-fund for 2015.

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High Court decision in the Bewleys case overturned

High Court decision in the Bewleys case overturned. Supreme Court unanimously finds that the upward only rent review provision in the lease stands.

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Changes to Commercial Rates Law effective today, 1 July 2014

Changes to Commercial Rates law, which come into effect today, 1 July 2014, allow businesses to take up new premises without fear of facing rates arrears from previous occupiers whilst not affecting the collection powers of the relevant local authorities to recoup the rates arrears in question.


SME reports €8.6bn in loans are in arrears over 90 days

The Central Bank has published an SME Market Report compiled by economists in the Financial Stability Division. This report gives an up-to-date picture of developments in the Irish SME credit market, it provides information on credit demand, credit access, loan terms and conditions, loan default, interest rates and credit market concentration.

Nama finalizes €5.6bn sale of Project Eagle loans

Nama has finalized the sale of its Project Eagle loans, mostly based in the North, to Cerberus Capital Management. The deal first emerged last month, among the assets are the Lanyon Plaza and the Soloist buildings in Belfast, developed by William Ewart properties.


Ireland sells €500m of Treasury Bills by auction

The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) has today completed an auction of Irish Treasury Bills, selling the target amount of €500 million. Total bids received amounted to €2.1 billion which was 4.2 times the amount on offer. The Treasury Bills, which have a maturity of three months, were sold at an annualised yield of 0.105%.