Potential Planning Impacts

It is likely that the Government may introduce Emergency Legislation to extend/suspend the statutory timeframes which apply to planning applications and appeals.  Currently a planning application which is not adjudicated upon within the 8 week timeframe (barring an F.I. & assuming no 3rd party appeal) receives a grant of permission by default.  The current planning process timeframe is as follows:

3rd Party Observation Period: 5 weeks from receipt of application
Planning Authority Decision: 8 weeks from application validation
Further Information Receipt: 6 months from request
Appeals to ABP: 4 weeks from L.A decision
ABP Decision: 18 weeks (but can be unilaterally extended)

Any ongoing reviews of Local Area Plans or Development Plans are likely to be postponed as the requirements for Public Consultations cannot be adhered-to due to COVID-19. The Oral Hearing for the N6 Galway City Ring Road has also been postponed by ABP until the end of March at the earliest.