Retail Ireland urges Government to cut income tax

Retail Ireland, the national representative body for the entire retail sector, in advance of a conference in Dublin today, has called on the Government to cut income taxes, promote better regulation for the sector and do nothing to add to business costs and claimed that the sector has the potential of creating 40,000 new jobs in the sector in coming years.

The lobby group says that recent retail sales figures have shown that while the volume of sales (excluding cars and bars) has increased by 2.2% in the past year, the values of sales has stayed the same. This clearly indicates that shops are aggressive discounting in an effort to attract customers. The pressure on the sector remains. To address the key challenges that still face the sector, Retail Ireland called on government to Cut income tax, this will put more money into the pockets of Irish consumers, and ultimately benefit the Exchequer though greater economic activity and tax revenue.

Retail Ireland MasterCard Annual Conference – 6th may 2014 www.retailireland.ie